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Our Services

We provide real-time video stream of the group discussions allowing our clients to watch it from anywhere in the world. The FocusVision video streaming allows you to interact with other members so you can give instructions to the moderators who are present in the viewing facility. The robust editing tools of FocusVision enables cataloging the videos and can also highlight specific portions to pinpoint important details easily.

We have an experienced and well connected network of recruiters to find you the perfect respondents for focus groups, depth interviews, and other studies. Our recruiters have solid experience in sourcing respondents from hard to reach groups by utilizing social media platforms as well as through traditional methods. We maintain lists of potential respondents for interviews and focus group discussions for wide variety of fields like healthcare professionals or corporate executives so we can start the process without any delay.

We offer immersive market research to capture the behavior of your target population in both controlled and real-world environment by assessing the visual sensations of the participants with the help of Tobii Pro system.What the eye sees is what the brain perceives. Using our advanced technology, we can obtain information about what the respondents see and don’t see to get a whole new dimension about our target population and understand them better.

Whether it is a multi-million research project or a few thousand one, every client is important to us, and we offer services to meet any budget requirements. For clients with a limited budget, we compress the host of services we offer and conduct the study on a smaller sample to reduce the expense and time.The experienced researchers in our team are experts in extracting reliable data from research that use small samples. We have the expertise to make any research as objective as possible and ensure the data is reliable.

We offer qualitative ethnography services to explore the consumers in relation to their cultural identity and lifestyle. We have highly experienced and talented researchers in our team to conduct various ethnographic studies like interviews, observation, and participatory studies all across India. Our ethnography services will help you gain the tacit knowledge of your target population and discover their unspoken perception, values, preferences, expectations, and needs. We will also give you the insight into the cultural pattern that shapes their behavior.

Understanding your workforce is as important as knowing your market consumers. Our qualitative HR research services will help you gain valuable insight into the work environment and work culture of your company and understand your employees better. While helping you to understand your employees, we also help your employees to understand the goals and visions of your business. Apart from that, we also assist you with streamlining and structuring your business to bridge the gap between top-mid-bottom level leadership and ensure smooth communication in your organization.

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