Our Eye-Tracking Lab has the facility to objectively measure consumers’ attention and spontaneous responses to objects including products and marketing messages.

We have Tobii Glass Pro 2 at our lab which can provide a deep understanding and insight into human behavior by showing what exactly they are looking at in real time as they move freely in real-world setting or controlled research environment. The device can record various data including but not limited to the time, x and y eye position coordinates, and pupil diameter.

We can also set up the eye-tracking system anywhere you want, whether it is a shopping mall, home, outdoors or workplace.

The user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology make eye-tracking data collection a piece of cake. The dedicated recording unit of the Tobii Glass Pro 2 is a reliable solution rather than depending on third-party devices or technology for the data storage.

The advanced automatic slippage compensation algorithm of Tobii Pro 2 makes it possible to get accurate data in dynamic environments. The slight movements and changes in the With the help of automated Real-World Mapping tool in the Tobii Pro Lab software, we can quickly and easily analyze large volume eye-tracking data. We can also convert the raw data into heatmaps and tables that give a better visualization of the where the participants look most and least.

Panoramix has access to the most-up-to-date video conferencing and video streaming technologies of FocusVision. These technologies are present in all of our focus group facilities in different cities in India, and it provides you the convenience of not having to leave your office to observe the discussion.

FocusVision 360 Live is a breakthrough system that dramatically increases the speed, improves the efficiency and makes better collaboration possible in qualitative research. The FocusVision camera system gives you the full group views, dynamic close-ups, and the picture-in-picture feature. It lets you witness the conversation, facial expressions and other non-verbal cues of the respondents clearly which will provide you with unique perspectives on your consumers and products.

We can live-stream the process through a secured channel so you and anyone you want can view the group live from anywhere in the world. It allows you to interact with the on-site researchers so you can give real-time instructions as it happens and gives the opportunity for every stakeholder to partake in the research process regardless of their physical location.

Apart from the live stream and interactive chat facilities, we can also record high-definition video and video of the sessions in your favorite format. The observation suit attached to focus suit with has a wide range of amenities including the one-way mirror and multiple monitors to observe the participants from various angles.

With the FocusVision enabled research facility, now your budget will not be a constraint for having more people from your company view the process live.

We have designed our observation suites across India based on the standards of reputed market research professionals in the world. They can meet the requirements of any research professional.

To provide the best viewing experience for our clients, we have equipped our observation suites with advanced visual display and audio systems. The cameras in the room will capture the visuals from different angles to give you the best viewing experience. The two-channel mic and headphone sockets can ensure multiple output lines delivering live audio from the conference room to the observation suite.

Our viewing facilities with comfortable seating can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably. An additional 10 members can be accommodated if required.

The superior quality of our viewing facilities is equally matched by the hospitality of our team. The dedicated hostesses, assistants, IT and other technicians are driven to ensure your project is seamless and successful . Our viewing facilities in various cities are located in ideal locations with easy transportation, cafes, hotels, and other amenities, and it gives you maximum convenience.

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