About us

Instigated and incorporated by Vinita Choudari in Panaromix was created with a single-minded goal. To help brands stay in tune with changing customer-scapes and buyer-environments. Pan-Indian in presence we deliver technically advanced market research services to embolden your brand’s relevance.

At Panaromix, we like to think of ourselves as curators of discovery, helping you unbox the most relevant voice of your customer today with a battery of expertly designed research services for you pick from.

It’s why we invest in the future of research, building steadily towards being the most technologically equipped market research facility in the country. We always look for better and different ways to explore the motivations and behavior that direct consumers. 

Whether it is for entire research or individual testing, the assets in our facility can uncover the information our clients need and offer them an in-depth understanding of their consumers, products, and market that they can’t find anywhere else. 

We have top-notch facilities, but without our people, the technologies would have been of little use. Our amazing team is comprised of research designers, analysts, and technicians. …. Combined, they possess an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and wisdom in all facets of the research process. Together, they unearth data with their keen sight and turn it into gold. The skills and expertise of our team help our clients to gain invaluable insights of the consumers. 

The state-of-the-art technologies and the meticulous team of exceptional talents allow us to meet even the most demanding needs of our clients. 

Offering both qualitative and quantitative market research solutions across sectors like telecom, consumables, services and automotive we help brands to discover the different facets of life in all its nuances, detail and complexities. The information and analysis we provide our clients unveil the complex world and inspire our clients to make smarter decisions.  

Using reliable tools, proven research instruments, and scientific approach that improve efficiency and help maintain high accuracy of data, we make information gathering process more instantaneous and the research validation near real time. 

Whether it is mall intercepts or a focus group discussion of C-level executives from the top companies, we can help you collect the data you need using proven data collection methodologies. We have the right talents and equipment to uncover your target consumers’ shopping behavior and their attitude and perceptions of different brands or products, including yours.

We collect, organize, analyze and interpret the data using appropriate techniques and draw conclusions. Whether it is a behavioral data or survey data, we have excellent storytellers to weave narratives from the stream of data and present it in a meaningful way. 

We are continuously evolving to perfect various processes and growing our digital salience by building savvy hi-tech market research products and systems into our service offerings. We are doing so to empower your research design with the edge it demands in today’s rapidly changing market.

Get, keep and grow more customers. We’re here to help.

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